Swap Burning Out For Optimal Health

“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” – J. Stanford

Barbara Walker, M.A., CHHC

Certified Holistic Health Consultant

I am here to inspire a health education & awareness revolution! Our mission is to Find you right where you are, Educate you to listen to your body, Empower you to reclaim your health, & Deploy you onto the path of lifelong wellness. Fig Tree Nutrition & Wellness exists to FEED your whole person!

Coaching & Consulting Services

Whole Body &
Holistic Healing

During our holistic healing session, together we will plan your path to optimal wellness with…

Life Coaching

To empower your path through the challenges of your wellness journey…..

Nutrition Coaching

Food first! Partnering to plan your body’s nutrient needs:

We are passionate about children’s wellness at Fig Tree Nutrition! We consider children, youth, & young adult wellness so important that we are developing an entire curriculum to educate our rising adults about wellness balance. Our FigTreeKids program has been a long time goal for our founder who- as a teacher, university administrator, & parent- has seen the significant impact of westernized food culture on every pillar of youth development (including classroom learning!). FigTreeKids is specifically age-tailored to youth from Pre-K thru grade 12 & are presented in schools, to church youth groups, for sports teams– the list is endless. Our goal goes beyond igniting a new generation to become strongly committed, responsible stewards of the earth. Our most ambitious goal is to instill lifelong nutrition skills- gardening, harvesting, & food preparation- & to learn how to grow & harvest their own food, understand how food heals the body, & close the ever-widening gap in wellness & nutrition education for this rising generation.

Let's Journey Together

To encourage a community-wide health & wellness revolution! Regardless of your age, state of wellness, or place on the wellness journey, we are here to meet you there, & help you harvest your optimal health & wellness.

Check out & join with us in upcoming events, classes, workshops & other fun activities for the whole family.

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