We are passionate about children’s wellness at Fig Tree Nutrition! We consider children, youth, & young adult wellness so important that we are developing an entire curriculum to educate our rising adults about wellness balance. Our FigTreeKids program has been a long time goal for our founder who- as a teacher, university administrator, & parent- has seen the significant impact of westernized food culture on every pillar of youth development (including classroom learning!). FigTreeKids is specifically age-tailored to youth from Pre-K thru grade 12 & are presented in schools, to church youth groups, for sports teams– the list is endless. Our goal goes beyond igniting a new generation to become strongly committed, responsible stewards of the earth. Our most ambitious goal is to instill lifelong nutrition skills- gardening, harvesting, & food preparation- & to learn how to grow & harvest their own food, understand how food heals the body, & close the ever-widening gap in wellness & nutrition education for this rising generation.

Our age appropriate activities are super fun, super engaging, & cross the curriculum in all areas- language arts, math, science, writing, & even physical education. We offer one-day workshops, weekly classroom lessons, & classroom immersion experiences. Just as every person is bioindividual, we know the same holds true for your school or organization! We’d welcome the opportunity to custom design a wellness program to excite youth interest in wellness, meet educational needs, &  exceed curricular standards for your specific program or educational setting. Our classes & workshops are presented by our well seasoned, state certified teacher whose experience reaches into all grade levels & exceptionalities. FigTreeKids will happily assist your school or youth organization to plan & establish a gardening program that will involve adults as much as the kids! Because we believe so strongly in this important mission, Fig Tree Nutrition offer discounts to church youth groups, Scout/Awana/Pioneer Girls/Trail Life groups, & other non-profit community youth organizations. Be sure to ask for details.

Youth wellness education is not just for the kids! Wellness empowered adults  inspire wellness aware kids! FigTreeKids provides wellness education & training to educators, Mom’s/Dad’s groups, parenting clubs, & organizations whose mission is offer prenatal care for young Mothers-to-Be. As with all of our youth centered classes, we will tailor materials to fit your audience’s specific needs or goals.

For more information about FigTreeKids or to schedule your school or organization’s wellness event goals, get in touch with us! FigTreeKids is the program we are most crazy about. We’re looking forward to hearing from & partnering with your organization to inspire a health education & awareness revolution for our youth!

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