The Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water


Water is One of the Biggest Players in the Game When it Comes to Your Optimal Health & Wellness.

I remember as a kid, playing outdoors all day with neighborhood friends, that there was nothing better on a hot summer day than taking a long, satisfying drink from the water fountain or that universal source of free drinking water called the garden hose. Good times, good times! Amazing, given our culture’s current fear meter, I am alive to even mention that memory here! Things were so simple back then.

Water is a vital element in each of our lives. In fact, in most written religious scripture, water is the very source of life itself & is a central part of many religious rites. Not only is it essential to our health, but also we use it for numerous household tasks. Every day we use water for cooking, bathing, cleaning, & drinking. Even recreation. It’s the universal solvent we take for granted until it is gone or compromised. But how often do we think about its source?

Where does our water come from? How is it treated? How do we know it is safe to drink? To answer these questions, it’s important to go back to the basics. There are two main sources of water: surface water & groundwater.

Surface water is found in lakes, rivers, & reservoirs.

Groundwater lies under the surface of the land, where it travels through & fills openings in the rocks. The rocks that store & transmit groundwater are called aquifers. Groundwater must be pumped from an aquifer to the earth’s surface for use.

But today, we know that tap water often contains harmful contaminants including heavy metals, residual pharmaceuticals, microbes, plastics, chlorine, fluoride, & other toxic chemicals (not to mention the PET exposure of the water from the bottle itself). In response, plastic water bottles now clog our offices, minivans, hotels, & kids’ lunch boxes. We have become a generation of plastic users & hoarders, purchasing over 29 MILLION bottles of water a year;  about 1000 bottles per second on average are cracked open in the USA alone! And we haven’t even mentioned the compromises we make to our environmental wellness since only ONE in SIX plastic bottles are actually recycled.

Here’s the rub: bottled water is mostly… just. Plain. Water. More than 25% of bottled water comes from municipal sources – that’s right, simple tap water! – which means all you’re getting is very expensive (potentially health damaging) purified city water. Independent tests have also shown that the quality of bottled water can range from very good to dangerously bad as the industry is weakly regulated.

My own local municipality water regulations allow 500ppm (parts per million) of dissolved solids (unknown contaminants) as acceptable in water that is supplied the community. It baffles me how the one most important thing we can do for our health- staying hydrated- has become just another health concern we need to manage.

Below is a list of the top five contaminants that can often be found in both tap &, yes, bottled water too.
1. Arsenic
2. Radioactivity
3. Fluoride
4. Chromium
5. Lead

What can you do?

The Solution = Home Water Filtration

Both in terms of efficiency & economy, a high quality water filtration system will improve the taste & odor of your water while removing many harmful contaminants. Whether you choose a whole home system, an under the counter system, or a countertop filtration system it’s important to research your best options well & choose a water filtration system that best fits your needs, family size, water source, & budget.

We highly recommend a reverse osmosis filtration system which reduces (practically eliminates) chemicals, residual pharmaceuticals, & most pollutants, including heavy metals like lead, fluoride, chromium, & arsenic. In addition, a reverse osmosis filter will also remove nuclear radiation like plutonium as well as microbial contaminants such as bacteria & viruses. When combined with activated carbon filtration, a reverse osmosis system is the best technology available for keeping you & your family safe from toxic drinking water contamination.

We personally use an APEC ROES-50 under the counter system to filter all of our drinking & cooking water in our home. When we tested our tap water before filtering we found 250-400ppm (parts per million) of unknown “stuff” in our water. We installed our filtering system & the very next day that number was reduced to 3ppm! As you can imagine less toxins = optimal hydration = better health & wellness.

As every individual’s or family’s needs & budget are different, Fig Tree Nutrition isn’t specifically recommending one filtration system over another, but we DO recommend & encourage your family to consider a high quality system that will keep your entire family as healthfully hydrated as possible. There are many high quality water filtration systems available on the consumer market. These are the systems we have long researched & endorse as having the highest quality construction, best overall filtration, & variety of filtration  systems ranging from countertop to off-grid to whole house systems.

To learn more about the APEC Systems and others, please click the links below.

By clicking on these links & purchasing from these companies, as an affiliate, Fig Tree Nutrition may receive a small commission. Funds generated through earned commissions will be used to establish FigTreeKids Kamp summer programs & educational gardens in our community

APEC Water Systems

Big Berkey Water Filter Systems

4Patriots Water Systems

Aquasana Water Filter Systems

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